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  • Hi, I’m Mel…

    27th Aug 2019 by

    A big welcome to you, nice to see you (imaginary handshake). Why read me? Well, we might have fun, a few laughs (not enough for wee to come out, but I guess that would depend on how little you followed those pelvic floor muscle exercises. I may have ignored them completely and now have to… Read more

  • Easter Holiday= Easter fun?

    9th Apr 2021 by

    So, after 562 weeks off already this year, the school calendar gave great news- 2 whole weeks off for Easter. Groans were heard from every mum. Home? Again? Even the kids were like ‘umm… seriously?’ The thrill of no school and being at home has definitely worn off for everyone involved. Not too bad at… Read more

  • The Discussion of Sarah

    2nd Apr 2021 by

    Due to the Sarah Everard story in the news, many people’s attention has been brought to how many precautions women take where men don’t. I am friends with many men, I get along with them and have a laugh. I am a geek who enjoys comics, football, superhero and violent movies, I love beer and… Read more

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