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  • Hi, I’m Mel…

    27th Aug 2019 by

    A big welcome to you, nice to see you (imaginary handshake). Why read me? Well, we might have fun, a few laughs (not enough for wee to come out, but I guess that would depend on how little you followed those pelvic floor muscle exercises. I may have ignored them completely and now have to… Read more

  • Horses

    10th Jul 2020 by

    Horses are the biggest contradiction for me. I see a photo and like so many others, I think they look absolutely beautiful. Alas, I find them quite scary. On a school trip, a classmate thought it was a good idea to whack the horse’s backside with a magazine and it bolted. Commence being bounced in… Read more

  • Who wears short shorts?

    7th Jul 2020 by

    The sun is shining and so I decide to wear my new jean shorts. Now, on the model they look fantastic. The pic I saw was a bit like this: Cute. Now, I am not deluded. I know this is more than likely an 18 year old model who only ate 2 segments of an… Read more

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